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     Sibiu is divided into the Lower City, the oldest part of the city (1150), which stretches along the current 9 May and Faurului Streets, and the Upper City , which has the first attestation at the beginning of the 12th century. The Upper City of Sibiu was built around a church that was on the site of the current Evangelical church. 

      The central point of the Upper City is represented by the Great Square ,and in the northern part there are the Small Square and the Huet Square.The connection between the Upper City and the Lower City is made through the Liar/s Bridge and the Stairs Passage.

    The passage of the Stairs in Sibiu is a stone and brick passage that starts  with the Evangelical Church. It/s copper color but also the medieval architecture translates you into another world ,a picturesque place. The passage of Stairs has two branches of stairs and arches,which surround the walls of the fortress around the Evangelical Church. 

      The Liar/s bridge was rebuild in 1959, after it had been originally made of wood.The Bridge of Lies is the first bridge in Romania and the second in Europe made of cast iron, it has decorations with the coat of arms of Sibiu at the ends.Several legends circulate about this bridge.

       In the Upper City you will find a lot of tourist attractions, which we briefly detail below:

      The big Tower (1549), located between the Cetatii street and the Hospital/Bd,it is a massive semicircular construction, with brick walls, which played a defensive role. Currently , it is the headquarters of the Sibiu State Philharmonic.

      The Carpenter/s Tower (1337-1366) is located on the Cetatii Street, being a flanking towerbuild by the Saxon carpenters from Sibiu.The tower is a part of the third fortification belt of Sibiu.

The Urns/s pottery (15th century)is also found on the Cetatii Street, with around five arching bushings.

The Archebuzierilor Tower (1357-1366) is the southernmost of the towers on the Cetatii Street,it/s name coming from the keyhole shaped trusses it has at the first level, through which it was possible to draw with the arch.

Also in the Upper City there are the Mercenary Bastion (Soldisch), the Haller Bastion and the city/s fortification system.

The Upper City bears the tracers of the fortifications of Sibiu , being a history lesson still alive.

We invite you to discover the  mysteries of Sibiu step by step , the city will definitely conquer you!

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